Who is Measuring Man?

I'm a professional producer, musician, mix, and recording engineer with over 20 years experience and hundreds of credits to my name. I've worked with wide range of artists in almost every genre imaginable. Artists such as Rush, Amy Sky, Olivia Newton John, Digging Roots, Woods Or Ypres, M.O.P., Chip Fu, DJ Format and Abdominal, More Or Les, to name a few.

When it comes to your production, I have the one thing that can elevate your production to the professional level: experience.



Major label quality mixing at affordable indie rates. Utilizing a combination of analog and digital hardware, I can make your project sound as good as you always dreamed it could.


Let me help bring you musical vision to fruition. I can help write, arrange, record, and produce for you from demo to major label quality release.

Remix/Beat Production

Need a different take on your song. Let me put my personal unique spin on it. Or I can craft you an a la carte beat for you to write your next hit to.


He possess the uncanny ability to understand all forms of music at a high level, and to ensure you are bringing your best to the table. He'll push you, he'll challenge you and, ultimately, your record will be better for it.

Ted Onyszczak, aka 'Measuring Man', is more than just a mixing engineer in my opinion; I prefer to refer to him as a 'project saver', because he will literally do whatever it takes to bring any musical project to life and make it sound professional & competitive, regardless of what shape it's in when it first arrives at his doorstep.

Ted was my first mixologist. He knew how to prep the mixes so they would work for both television and musical distribution which was imperative to helping MUTHA get through the post sound process quickly and onto US Network television. I am so grateful for his guidance and professionalism.

Ted is a master at making artists feel welcome and comfortable in his studio. He pushes you to achieve the best recordings and creates beautiful mixes. It's a pleasure to work with someone so kind, so talented and so humble.

Working with Measuring Man has elevated not only the sound quality of my projects, but the overall quality of my music itself. He's an engineer that knows both the technical stuff to help a mix and also has good intuition and insight for fixing challenging problems. If you need help of any kind with getting a good mix of a song, you want to work with this man. It's why I've collaborated with him on multiple releases!

Ted helped me shape my sound, not only to help me reach industry standard mixing and mastering quality but helped my songs realize their full potential. His little creative suggestions and ideas elevated the production and songwriting. He's one of the quintessential reasons the "Firebreather" album was so successful.

"Very few engineers have been willing to take the time to understand the background and history of the project they're about to work on. By diving into this with us on each and every endeavour, Ted makes sure that any work he does fits the larger vision of the project. This makes it an easy choice to keep coming back to him for his expertise again and again."

Ted mastered my last album in 2016, and did a fantastic job turning my basement mixes into industry standard musical products. He always came correct with my reference tracks and adjustments every single time! Pleasure working with him.


Check out the video for the lead single Behind The Scenes from DJ Format and Abdominal's new album Still Hungry. Released April 28, 2017.